Step 3


Getting to know your KIDS leader is an important step of this journey. On this platform we give your the basics of what we do and why we do it, but your KIDS Leader will give you the context of the ministry that you will be serving in. They will also be able to help you understand the families and children that you will be working with. 

Every campus has a very unique context depending on the community we are placed in. This translates to certain nuance that will differ from each other. Although we carry the same Heart, Vision, Mission, Mandate and Outcome, the grouping of the children will vary according to the venue capabilities.

This course serves to get everyone on the same page, but your relationship with your KIDS leader and Team, will give you context and belonging.


  • Make a Coffee date with your KIDS Leader to talk through your application.
  • Follow this link to find the contact information for the KIDS leader at your Campus. Find your KIDS Leader
  • Send him/her a quick e-mail requesting a time and day for your first appointment!
  • Remember to bring the hard copies of your certified ID, signed affidavit to your coffee date if you did not upload them during the personal statement.
  • Ask any clarifying questions about the next steps.

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