Step 2

Complete the Documentaion

By now we believe you have met your KIDS Leader who has directed you to this link. If you have not met the appointed KIDS/Camp Leader who has sent you this link, please make a first appointment with them either in person or via zoom/googlemeets etc. so that you can find out more about the Campus/Camp where you would like to serve.

Although we are ONE FAMILY each Campus has it’s own expression when it comes to age groups and serving protocols. Speak the leader to find out what the serving options are and clarify expectations.

In the Application Process, we ask that you read through the portion of the Children’s Act of South Africa, pertaining to children in a church setting so that you can honestly answer all the question in the Application Form and Affidavit.

Things to note

  • Read through all attached documentation carefully.
  • Get a pretty head and shoulder photo to attach to the
  • Print out the Affidavit and have it and a copy of your ID
  • Scan documents, if possible for online use or have hard
    copies handy for your coffee date!

This file is only available online. If for any reason you are not able to complete it online, please ask your KIDS Leader to print it for you. 

Download your Affidavit here!


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