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Read her story in John 4.

She really didn’t have an easy life. She lived sad and broken and ashamed. But when she received the life-giving water from Jesus, everything changed. She made a 180° turn from being ashamed to unashamed. From avoiding everyone at midday, to walking and talking on the street (to the very same people who judged and frowned upon her).

She immediately takes on the mission of Jesus, inviting people to go to Him! She noticed the same thirst in the lives of others that she had felt and she knew that this Jesus, this man at the well, has living water that can change their lives too! In a moment she starts to connect with other people, does life with them, and lives a life fuelled by the joy, peace and contentment that only Jesus can bring.

List the things in your life that are truly challenging and difficult at this point. Sit at the feet of Jesus and ask Him to release living water in your own soul, and over your situation. Ask Him for His perspective on each of the items you have listed.

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