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I know who I am. His.
His plans for me are secure and unthreatened.
I live in a new quality of fellowship with Jesus.

I will move forward. Boldly.
I am sent into this world with purpose.
I am designed for this time.

I live and grow connected to others.
I know Christ defines my identity.
My life, unfiltered, can have a global impact.

I am a daughter of the King. Royalty.
I bear His authority on my lips and in my heart.
I am an ambassador of Light.

His grace can overcome any and all. Enough.
I will live with tangible gratitude.
I will equip myself with His Word.

My every mistake and failure highlights Him. Victory.
My journey is worthy to be shared.
My story is worth being told.

I am on a mission.
Nurture. Love. Inspire.
I am made to live
a colourful life.

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