The Children’s Act of South Africa


The Children’s Act of South Africa released in 2005, have very strict policies regarding those who work with and in the vicinity of children. As a ministry who holds integrity as a value, we align ourselves with the law of our country. Included is a downloadable file that highlights the implications of the Children’s Act on our ministry. Please take time to read through it as this will clarify why we need to take the actions steps we do.

Downloadable: The Portion of the Child Act pertaining to the Ministry.

As part of the process of alignment we are required to send a Certified Copy of your ID along with the needed form to the Director General of the Department of Social Development. This process can take a long time to receive verification, therefore we are required to have either a Police Clearance or a Certified Affidavit, confirming that you do not have any child-offences against your name. If you have any questions in this regard, please feel free to speak to your KIDS Leader.

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