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Everything you need to know about ministry within Doxa Deo

Welcome to your journey with Doxa Deo KIDS Ministry.

It is our desire that you will not only be equipped through this training but that you will also discover things about yourself.

At Doxa Deo KIDS we are dedicated to RAISING CITY CHANGERS and that includes you!

As with our children, God has a very unique plan with you. From your relationship with God and people to your lifestyle and impact. Not excluding a specific calling that you have been gifted for. We as the leadership team of the Kids ministry want to accompany you on this journey of discovery. Our desire is that you will grow beyond your wildest dreams!

Not a course!

We want you to see this as a life-long journey of discovery and not as a course you have to do.

As part of this journey, you will be invited to coaching classes once in a while as well as in-person training events, like our KIDS ROC Conference every year. If you are interested in growing your leadership capacity, you can also attend our Generate Conference.

The first course you need to complete is: "You are Included!" by Alan Platt

Step 2: Welcome to Doxa Deo KIDS

Step 3: "I want to Join Doxa Deo KIDS" This will be a private link provided to you by the KIDS leader at your campus.

Step 4: "Building relationship with Children"

Step 5: "How to WOW your audience" - To be launched

Your Instructor

Karen Massyn
Karen Massyn

Courses Included with Purchase

Understand our Kids Ministry's vision and strategy.
Doxa Deo Kids
"Nobody knows how much you know, until they know how much you care!"
Doxa Deo Kids
THE REBOOT TRAINING (Unpublished but edited)
Doxa Deo Kids

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