This Package has been compiled for all Doxa Deo Kids leaders to journey and grow together.

Starting with understanding who we are and how we work,

right through to our new strategy to create an experience for kids,

rather than just teach them.


Six Training Courses

Four Group Coaching Sessions

Certificates of completion

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Martene Welthagen

I am a part of the Doxa Deo Faerie Glen team.

I am responsible for the KIDS Ministry and I'm the "TREE" (Transforming the Educational Environment) Co-Ordinator for the Primary schools within our campus.

I value integrity, hard work and responsibility.

I excel in people relations, dynamic environments and thinking outside of the box.

Karen Massyn

I have been involved in ministry to children from the age of sixteen. I believe that God has called me to impact the next generation, therefore I am extremely passionate about ministry to children.

I want children to grow up Knowing God, Loving People and Impacting their world! I am also passionate about developing people, seeing each one growing into their God given calling and potential!

Elri Kühn

I am on the team at Doxa Deo Fichardtpark Campus (Bloemfontein) since 2013. I love to see people grow and reach their full potential.

I especially enjoy witnessing how the good news of Jesus takes its full effect in people's lives, heals and transforms them into who they were made to be. To be able to create platforms for that kind of life change makes me come alive.

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