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Hello Beautiful,

We can sometimes live life with “Belief Blind-Folds” that can really trip us up to never fully live in the limitless Glory that God has destined for us. Being a woman is seriously Glorious! I just love that statement.


As you embark on this weeku2019s journey of Purpose I trust that you recognise and envelop the strength of your purpose. Take a moment and ponder on what you believe about u201cwomanu201d and does it align with what God says about u201cwomanu201d. Your belief is what fuels your everyday life.

MY heart is that you will live with eyes wide-open in wonder of being woman. May you be in awe and humbled knowing that God, the creator of our universe, has given woman a brilliant purpose and He absolutely adores how He has wired you. Every bit of you is strength!

You are living now because earth and all of creation desires and needs your goodness, that helps promote fullness of life. Your capacity to diffuse harmony in life is tremendous.
I am rooting for you. Be encouraged and live unashamed the beautiful strength God has birthed you in.


Much Love

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