One of the basic needs of us as human beings is fun and laughter. Children learn more when they are having fun and remember, one of their basic needs mentioned earlier are: NEW EXPERIENCES.

For this reason, I want you to challenge your team to be creative in Making Sunday the best hour of every child’s life! – Sue Miller

In doing this you will not only be creating new experiences for the children, but you will also be creating excitement for children for “church” and God, His Word and spending time with Him. Our God is the creator of the universe! He is the most creative being there is. He made the earth and everything in it purely for our enjoyment. We need the children to know Him as a FUN person Who is interested in every part of their being. Even in the part that desires FUN! It is a normal part of being a child to want to enjoy every moment. (Eccl. 11:9) Young people, enjoy your youth. Be happy while you are still young.

Making it fun:

  • Make use of games as part of the small group experience every Sunday.
  • Have a games night or games Sunday in the holidays. No teaching just play!
  • Make use of Characters when telling stories.
  • Make use of puppets to keep them engaged.
  • Use colourful visuals
  • Use the points system to have a healthy competition between small groups. In this way, you can help discipline and have fun.
  • Do unexpected things like pie in the face with one of your team members, just for fun.
  • Have a dress-up day!
  • Think out of the box!

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