Dear Lady-friend,

I am so excited that you have embarked on this personal journey of pursuing a life of wholeness!

To me, personally, there is nothing more attractive and beautiful than a woman who carries herself with a Godly confidence. My desire for you is that you will grow and mature in this confidence: of who you are in Christ; of living from a well-balanced, whole soul realm and of truly enjoying and unconditionally accepting your unique u201cearthly mobile homeu201d – a.k.a. your body!

Your Father desires that you will live a life oozing abundant holiness and wholeness (see 1 Thessalonians 5:23) u2013 that you will, in every area of your precious life, radiate and u201cadvertiseu201d the perfect price his son has paid which made it possible for you to live a whole life.

And remember – growing and maturing is a journey. I love the definition of the word journey: u201ctravelling from one place to another, usually taking a rather long time; passage of progress from one stage to another.u201d


So, donu2019t be hard on yourself in this beautiful journey of discovering wholenessu2026 enjoy the journey and celebrate every little milestone in your pursuit of wholeness!

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