Making Disciples

Many times we misjudge the ability of children to be involved in ministry. We need to acknowledge that God wants to use children to minister to children and Sundays are the perfect opportunity to create a platform for children to minister.

We all know the “think smaller” concept. If this is foreign to you. Use this time to look it up in your coordinators folder on your hard drive/website and look at the video clip first.

The concept on “think smaller” is based on the fact that there is a growing population under the age of 16 in the world. So to effectively reach children we need to use children to minister to their peers.

First you must realize that children ministry is not a Sunday event, but a life time calling. Continually trying to find and create new avenues to reach our children. One way is to equip children to minister to other children who don’t know the Lord.

This is where our “KIM” (Kids In Ministry) concept was born. We have a serious of lessons that is available for you to use to disciple children in your campus. You can do it in a weekly meeting form or in camps. The way you implement it is up to you. THAT you implement it, is IMPERRITIVE!

·      You can have children form part of a worship team and use the weekly practice sessions to take them through the discipleship program.

·      You can have children who like puppetry to meet once a month on a Saturday where you can train them in the art of puppetry. Practice skits that they can perform on Sundays or at schools and disciple them at the same time.

·      Hold a camp once a term and take them through the whole camping program.

·      Arrange mission trips with children to minister to children in their own communities that are less fortunate than they are.

In the end you need to invest time into making disciples of children or equipping city changers to disciple children, but it needs to be done. If this is a passion near your heart then you start something. If this is not your passion ask God to raise someone with a passion to disciple children.

Teach the children the wordless book and teach them to share it with their friends at school or on the sport field that don’t follow Jesus. Teach them how to pray for salvation if somebody want to give their lives to the Lord.

Ask God to show you children with a spirit for intersession and have them pray on a Sunday morning for your community or prayer project.

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