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What a privilege to minister the truth and the love of Jesus Christ to ladies across the world! Our desire is for you to discover God through Jesus in a new and fresh way. Our desire is for you to discover who you are from His perspective. Our desire is for you to live in freedom. Our desire is for you to find new meaning and purpose in His mission for you and through you.

Colourful Living is a Bible study that aims to release the fullness of the colour of our God and His purposes in your life. Enjoy the impartation from the ladies in the Doxa Deo family.

Cherish is a Women’s Ministry with a mission from God – to nurture, to love and to inspire… and to cherish the uncherished.


Deuteronomy 7:6 (MSG)
“…God, your God, chose you out of all the people on earth for Himself
as a cherished, personal treasure.”


We would also love for you to engage the rest of the Doxa Deo ministry.
We are a global movement with a calling to bring the transforming presence of our God to our cities.

We are a FAMILY ON MISSION who want to bring FAITH to those who are spiritually lost, LOVE to those who are in social pain and then also HOPE to restore what is broken in society.

To get started, DOWNLOAD your very own digital journal here:


You will be asked to take notes throughout the course, and you can do that either by purchasing a copy of the Colourful Living book at our STORE, or using your own journal, or using the digital journal you downloaded above. You can type in your notes straight into your digital journal. 

Quick Question: Tell us a little about yourself…

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